How we'd Renovate a Downtown Melbourne Duplex


I was cleaning out old files on my computer this morning and came across some schematics I put together for a coastal duplex renovation project in 2013. This was right after I quit my corporate job as a creative director in the publishing industry to pursue interior design full time.

0414 Lincoln Ave - Front Facade Exsisting.png

I didn't end up taking on the project, but it would have been incredible. I just love the idea of taking these old 1950-60's concrete block houses (which are so ubiquitous in Florida) and giving them some architectural integrity. Every time I see one, I think of a hundred ways it can be infused with personality -- they're like blank canvases! 

0414 Lincoln Ave - Interior Inspiration.png

For this project, the goal was to take a drab concrete box, and turn it into a cozy mission-style duplex.

To achieve this, we would have replaced the trusses with larger ones that extended out past the front exterior wall. We would've added arches along the front facades meeting the trusses and creating an arcade-style frontage.

The exposed concrete block would've been covered in smooth stucco siding, and the roof topped-off with authentic, long-lasting terracotta shingles.

We would have also replaced the windows and doors with larger ones allowing for more interior natural light. Hexagonal terracotta floor tiles, laid throughout the entire home, would have carried the authentic mission architecture from the outside, in.


The sandy soil would have been the perfect place for, new lush Florida-native landscaping. Oh the things that might have been!!